May the winter evening find you warm and safe.

May the morning sun find you well rested and eater to bring forth your gifts.

May your heart beat to the drum of its own calling.

May you be ever blessed with the wisdom and grace of the Holy Spirit.

And my deep peace, wellness and tranquility surround you always.  

So may it ever be…Amen. 


A Blessing for the Journey


  May the roaring winds call to your spirit, engaging a great awakening.

May the blazing sun enflame the passions of your Soul’s empowerment.

May the silver moon midwife your talents and dreams alive and well.

May the stars gleam with the wisdom of your ancestors, telling the story of your


And may all that is wild and true within you run free with courage and strength.

For as it is with all of Nature, may you too embody the blueprint of the Divine,

Knowing well it is your birthright to thrive, flourish, and become.  

Divine Self Empowerment


A Blessing for the Journey


May the roaring winds call to your spirit, engaging a great awakening.

May the blazing sun enflame the passions of your Soul’s empowerment.

May the silver moon midwife your talents and dreams alive and well.

May the stars gleam with the wisdom of your ancestors, telling the story of your


And may all that is wild and true within you run free with courage and strength.

For as it is with all of Nature, may you too embody the blueprint of the Divine,

Knowing well it is your birthright to thrive, flourish, and become.        –  E.Egan

I offer you this blessing as a way to stir your spirit.  As a way to breathe in all that you are, and all that you have yet to become.  To remind you of your unlimited nature, and to reconnect you to the Universal energy of Life. For this is what you truly are, and this is where you find the origin of your power.  

Self empowerment is a process, and it is one I believe every human must endure, because  it is a sacred part of our spiritual development. We must learn to find ourselves in spite of the opinions of others. We must look beyond illusion and learn to evaluate our worth based on the strength of our spirit, rather than the external self. We must learn to trust our inner guidance.  

Your personal level of self empowerment affects everything in your life from your relationships, your career, your goals and dreams, and even to your finances! How you feel about yourself, and what you think you deserve out of life will be the determining factor for everything.  Once we come to understand this, it’s easy to realize how important developing a healthy sense of self truly is.  

This is a sacred mission.  It is a journey that requires us to embrace all that we are, and to invite the energy of the Divine into the process of our greatest becoming.  If we settle for less out of  ourselves, we settle for less out of life.  Therefore, as we transform ourselves from within, we transform our possibilities, and ultimately, our destiny!

Developing your Divine self empowerment is a lifelong experience, but you can begin the process with two pivotal steps in the right direction:

  1. Accepting Your Personal Truth
  2. Trusting Your Inner Guidance

Accept Your Personal Truth:

One of the most important ways to develop a healthy sense of empowerment is to truly come to terms with who you are. Beyond the shadows of the personality, shines the light of your soul. To connect to this, you must go within. Take some time to get to know yourself.  Actively meet that energy, in a place of stillness, and invite it’s wisdom to settle upon you.  You may enjoy taking a walk, working in a garden, listening to gentle music, or simply just meditating.  Any way you choose to find your peace is fine.  So long as you make a space, it will come to meet you.  While you are in a place of peacefulness, practice self-inventory.  Take an honest, compassionate look at who you truly are:

  • What are the gifts and talents you embody?  
  • How does your spirit want to project the unique image of itself upon the world?
  • Are there talents that you know you have that you could do more with?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your areas of potential growth?
  • If you could do anything at all with your life, what would it be?
  • Are you happy with your life as it is, or are there things that you have been longing to change, but have not had the courage to do anything about?  
  • What areas of your life have eluded you up until now?
  • If you could make a change in those areas, what steps would you take to do so?

It is equally important to understand our areas of strength and our areas of weakness.  Self empowerment develops when we have the courage to look at our whole truth.  When we develop the poise to look at our times of flight and our times of falter with equal attention, we stand in our power to make significant, long-lasting change.  If we devote our energy toward making positive changes, we breathe new life into our sense of being. We take a step in the right direction, and reorder the events of our future.

Through the expression of our gifts and talents,  and the shedding of old habits and unwanted behaviors, we become revitalized!  When we share our gifts in a way that brings others joy and peace, we find purpose and meaning.  The value in this is unlimited. When you are doing what you know you are meant to do, there is no measure to the joy you will feel!   Equally, as we overcome our frailties, our self respect is renewed, we are achieving what was once thought of as impossible! The more we do this, the more we become empowered. The energy of achievement is the energy of life. Each time you achieve a new goal, you will believe in yourself and in your abilities a little more.  Soon enough, you will gain momentum and confidence, and there will be nothing you cannot achieve!

Trust Your Inner Guidance:

The second step in developing your Divine self empowerment is to trust your inner voice.  As the blessing at the beginning of this article implies, you are a spark of Divine light and energy.  You are an instrument to the great cosmic symphony that plays all around you and within you.  You know what to do.  You hear the voice of wisdom and truth as it speaks to you.  Of course, the perceiving of this voice is never the problem is it?  It’s in the believing, the trusting, and the doing that always gives us trouble. The soul’s voice is patient and persistent.  It pulsates with wisdom and Divine Truth.  It uses little words, yet speaks volumes.  The mind on the other hand is full of chatter and suspicion.  Always second guessing or coming up with  good reasons why the soul cannot be trusted.  It casts a spell of doubt and fear, and keeps us in a daze of illusion.  

But you can arise from such a slumber and walk the path of your soul!  Step by step, as you learn to follow Divine instruction, it shall prove itself worthy of your trust.  You will gain strength in listening to the rightful heir of your awareness, and before long, the mind will take it’s rightful place behind the soul. Now your intuition has become sacred, and as you heed its instruction, your sense of power grows in strength and grace. This is what it means to find your center, your core.  It is like an umbilical cord of golden light stretching from your solar plexus to the Divine source of all.  As you develop this, you are empowered to achieve all that you set out to. It is a renewable source of energy, it empowers you, and in turn, you empower the world to an even greater level of becoming.  If this is neglected and underdeveloped, however, your intuition becomes weak and you are more likely to give into fear.  As Caroline Myss puts it,  “With each choice we make, we either become more involved in the illusory physical world, or we invest energy into the power of spirit.”

Sometimes we are reluctant to build our empowerment.  We may fear we will be seen as pushy, overbearing or arrogant.  But unlike the “power” of the mind or the ego, Divine soul empowerment is one that propels you forward without taking dominion over anyone except the “you” of yesteryears.  It establishes within you a place of unquivering wisdom and certainty. It does not take over, it takes root. It gives you strength you never knew possible.  If you take the well known verse from Corinthians 13:4-8  and insert the words “Divine Self Empowerment” in place of “Love” you will recognize this innate power within you.  

Divine Self Empowermentis patient, and kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6  Divine Self Empowerment does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

For Divine self empowerment truly is powered by the energy of Divine love.  Both are one in the same.    

Let us then accept ourselves for who we are, and allow the inner guidance of the Divine to inspire us along to higher places.  May we begin to make better choices from a place of true empowerment, and transform our lives in all areas.  Let us break through the shackles of fear and doubt, and walk with confidence and grace. May we ever seek to thrive, flourish and become!

On the Threshold of Becoming

autumn leaves

“May the Angel of the Imagination enable you

To stand on the true thresholds,

At ease with your ambivalence

And drawn in new directions

Through the glow of your contradictions.”

– from “A Blessing of Angels” by John O’Donohue

Nature is a mirror to the rhythms of the human spirit.  So much can be learned through the observance and reverence of the natural world around us.  Autumn particularly is a threshold of contradictions that offers a gentle transition between light and dark.  It is a time when the gorgeous colors surround and inspire yet hint to the darker days of dormancy that are to come.  The light changes in autumn somehow offering a deeper warmth of gold as a last expression of vitality before the cool pastels of the winter sky take dominion.  I suppose it is a reminder of the fragility of life in a way.  It speaks to our hearts, urging us to make the most of the time we have.  The harvest time is abundant and laden with the gifts of nature.  It is a time to celebrate the bountiful, as well as a time to reflect upon our relationship to the earth for survival and sustenance.

Nature transitions so easily from one season to the next, and there is a gentleness to the way the earth moves across the thresholds of time.  It is marvelous the way the trees and the animals are so easy with themselves, and so at peace with who and what they are.  As the daylight hours diminish, a relinquishing of green gives way to leafless silhouettes, and many animals settle in naturally to a long winter’s slumber.   There is no obsession with personal transformation.  Each species simply rides the wind into their becoming, one season to the next.  Perhaps therein lies the hidden lesson nature is softly suggesting.

Modern humans take themselves so seriously.  We seem to always be in a state of perpetual doing.  And yet, it wasn’t so long ago when humans clearly understood that the outer world was a sacred reflection of the inner world.  Nature teaches us that there is an ancient rhythm to becoming, and that it can never be forced. There is equally a time for growth as there is a time for dormancy. The time of gestation, is equally as important as the time of abundance, and ultimately, the time of rest.  For during the seemingly dormant times of the year, the sprouts of new growth stir underground, as the womb of all that is to be birthed to life in spring is secretly nurtured.

And so, there is also a gentle rhythm to our life’s great expression. The rhythm and phases that we see encircling us from the moon, the sun, the stars and the earth all reflect the ebb and flow of our inner landscapes.   And it is in the inner landscape that we find the birthing of our ancient soul-self.

Like the transitions of the earthly seasons, the soul finds its way of expression through our lives gradually and gracefully.  This is a process that can be neither hurried nor forced.  It is as if it were the greatest, deepest ocean upon the earth.  It is impossible to see how deep the ocean of the soul is, because we can only ever glimpse it from the surface. Yet slowly, as the rhythm of waves crash upon the shore, the soul will carry its treasures one by one, and deliver them gently upon the tides of your life.   These are times of great patience and faith as you watch the unfoldment of your ancient soul self, and you delight in the depth of who you are becoming.  It is a time to be easy with yourself, and easy with the uncertainty of the image as it takes its form before you.

And so, may we learn to take nature’s way of progression toward our greatest becoming.  May we recognize the wisdom of our ancestors, and cross the thresholds with grace and patience.  May the outer landscape guide us ever toward the inner landscape of our soul’s expression.  May we be at peace with what lies dormant within us and mindful to offer the seeds of our becoming space to grow and blossom in due time.  May the rhythm of nature pulse through our being beckoning us toward growth.   As the sky darkens gradually in light and length, may we offer tomorrow’s dreams a proper winter slumber.  And may the thresholds of our longing lead us gently toward a secret knowing, of all we have ever been.

Walking the Path of Transformation


Exploding Dawn


Have you ever found yourself caught somewhere between the life you had and the life you want? Many times, transformation calls to us, but it is difficult to know just what steps to take toward the life that awaits. You may find you wake up one day completely unhappy with one of the major facets of your life, or the process may happen more gradually. Either way, it may be challenging to understand how to walk gracefully from the life you made for yourself in the past, to the life you want to make for yourself in the future.
Luckily, there are many things you can do to manifest a life that is in better vibrational harmony with the energy of your spirit, but first, it is essential to discover who you truly are. If you do not know who you are at a core level, your ambitions will be of your ego, instead of your Soul. Therefore, the first step in becoming more true to your authentic self is to know thyself and to beware of false ambitions.
To accomplish this, you must first take an inventory of your talents, gifts, and dreams. Often they are the language in which your Soul has chosen to expresses itself. False ambitions stem from wanting to feel secure, wanting to make others happy, or wanting to relieve the mind of stress and fear of lack. If you are doing something because you think it makes logical sense, but it goes against your nature, stop and ask yourself if this step is what you truly want at a Soul level. If you are unsure, set aside some time for solitude and contemplation. Think about the options available, and see what sensations come to your physical body. If there is any discomfort, pain or anxiety (especially in the solar plexus) then that is a strong indicator that your Soul is not in agreement with that decision. Eventually your Soul will have its way with you, and if you do not choose wisely at first, you will find yourself in the midst of deep transformation once again. There is no shame in this however. For everything in life contributes toward our learning and evolving. It only matters that we honor the truth within.
After you come to know yourself, and you are sure that your ambitions are in alignment with your Soul’s agenda for you, your next actions should fall under three main categories:
1. Visualizing /Planning – At this stage you are formulating your ideas for your true nature. During this stage, you may ask yourself questions such as….
• If I could do anything, what would it be?
• If I could go anywhere, where would I go?
• When I do __________time escapes me.
• I am happiest and most at peace when I ___________.
• I feel most fulfilled and on purpose when I am___________.
Most of us cannot simply jump from one life to another, but we can start small and act as if we already are who we wish to become. To do this, make a vision board or a Dream Box©, fill it with all the things you want to see and more importantly feel in your life. Do not obsess over it however, simply put it away, and let the Universe work its magic!
2. Listening to and interpreting the whispers of Divine guidance – The Universe is abundant with communication; we only need to learn how to interpret its language. Sometimes it seems we do not know which way to turn, but if we learn to depend on the whispers of Heaven and have faith, we will be more likely to achieve union with our highest states of self. Some things to keep in mind during this stage are:
• Remember to ask for guidance, and look for signs everywhere that the Universe is communicating with you – they may come in the form of books, songs, nature, conversations, numbers, etc. The Universe is unlimited, and it will communicate with you in unlimited ways.
• Look for signs that small dreams are coming true. Every time you notice life taking a step in the right direction, say a prayer of gratitude!
• Honor all Divine messages, and do not allow your mind to judge, criticize or worry about how things will unfold. Remember to be mindful that Divine intelligence is not limited by the confines of the human mind.

3. Take Action! – Nothing shows the Universe you are serious about making changes than taking action. Some of the most efficient ways of moving toward the life of your dreams include small things you can do to convince yourself that you are moving in the right direction. Here are some suggestions:
• Clutter clear! When you discard things that hold old energy, you also discard the energy. Nothing new can come to you unless you make the space for its arrival, so start making room for the new you to emerge!
• Honor the moments when it is clearly time to take action, take a risk, or take a chance. These are the moments that hold within them the power to change your future!
• Honor the visions you have for yourself and take small steps toward them. This may be as small as rearranging your desk, hanging up pictures, buying some new clothes, changing your hair style, whatever you need to do to “ fit the part” of you in your new life. This becomes extremely important in getting the subconscious mind to work along with you.
Of course, these are just a few suggestions you can follow to manifest your personal transformation. However, by following these steps, you will be amazed how glimmers of your new life will start to show up. The Universe already knows how to make this happen for you…all you need to do is honor your Soul, visualize, listen, and have faith that with every step, the Divine walks alongside you.

Peace & Blessings,

Your Beliefs Determine the Life You Live


Raise the Frequency of Your Beliefs and Raise the Frequency of Your Life!–  Elizabeth Egan

Sometimes, insight comes after long hours of contemplation and meditation.  Other times, it just hits you square in the face.  I have had both experiences, and the latter happened to me just the other day.  I am an “overanalyzer”.  When it comes to life,  I tend to walk around a situation for days, months, and yes, even years being careful to consider every possible angle and facet before finally coming to a decision.  It is exhausting actually.  And it takes a tremendous amount of patience to keep waiting and waiting for an answer to finally come…. Most of the time, it seems a definitive answer never truly arrives.

Which leads me to the insight that came at me two nights ago: I was thinking about the many requests and prayers for guidance I’ve sent out to Heaven over the course of my life, that have for the most part gone unanswered.  “What do I have to do to get an answer?” I wondered….”I’ve been struggling with this situation for years!”

Then, a sudden and quite unexpected reply came out of nowhere and almost knocked me over.  The message was something like this:

 “Liz. Stop leaving so much up to fate, and just make the decision you want to see for you own life! Stop looking for Heaven to give you signs and permission to do the ‘right thing,’ Heaven is waiting on you girl! Commit to your choice, commit to yourself, because we are waiting for YOU.  We’ve got your back. Your life belongs to YOU. Just take it already!”

Whoa!  OK, NOT what I was expecting.  So, of course, I thought about it….and thought about it some more.  Then I realized, this is absolutely true!  Wow.  Talk about a paradigm shift.  This was like watching the lenses you view the world through shatter and fall to the ground in slow motion.

Next,  the process of trying to assimilate this new perception started, and I realized this one very essential law: Your beliefs about life will directly determine the life you allow yourself to live.

The challenge is then to determine what beliefs are lurking in the background, because beliefs are largely unconscious.  The truth is that many of our beliefs were probably inherited into our psyche at a very young age, and result from what someone might have said to us when you were too young to know better.  These beliefs may not even belong to us!  They might have made perfect sense generations ago, but now, they have become obsolete.

We know that everything is energy, and everything vibrates at its own frequency.  So, this means thoughts and beliefs are not excluded.  So what if a belief that was handed down to you no longer matches the vibrational frequency of your consciousness?  Then it is time to allow such beliefs to gently fall away in place of stronger, more authentic beliefs.

How do we start a major overhaul such as this?  By literally sitting down and writing down what the major beliefs of your life are.  What do you believe about life in general?  What do you believe about the Divine? What do you believe about health and illness?  What do you believe about success?  What do you believe about love? What do you believe about happiness? What do you believe about humanity? What do you believe about money, abundance,  security, and lack? What do you believe about the energy you send out to the world on a daily basis? What do you believe your life’s mission or purpose is?

After writing down your beliefs, sit with them for a while and see how they feel.  You will know if the frequency is low or high depending on how you feel when you read your belief aloud to yourself.  If you feel upbeat and positive, this is an indication of a high vibration. If you feel discouraged and down, the vibration is low, and those beliefs probably could use some attention.

After the realization I had the other night, I have come to understand that I was living my entire life based on a belief that the Divine was in control of everything.  Now I see that this belief has caused me to develop a tentative, passive attitude toward my life in every way.  But I’m choosing to tweak this belief a bit now.

Caroline Myss teaches that life is all about learning to manage your own power.  Now I have come to understand that this means taking responsibility for your life, with conviction and determination toward making your dreams a reality.  Heaven’s got our back, and it’s great to surrender to the wisdom of Divine intelligence,  but we also need to use the free will we were given to make our life our own, and honor too the desires and wisdom of our spirit!

Deep Peace & Abundant Blessings!

vibration frequency


What Have You Harvested this Year?


Not so many years ago, humans had to sow the harvest they claimed.  A Thanksgiving meal was the bounty of much effort after long months of working and tilling the earth.  It seems as though we may have lost touch with the connection between the earth and our survival, and if you are like me, before you bring your share to the Thanksgiving table this year, you first have to stop at the closest grocery store!

Harvest Party 2

This made me think of what it is each of us spends the year working on…what is it we harvest and bring to the table so to speak?  If we have gotten ourselves to a point in the history of our planet where many of us no longer grow and harvest our own food… perhaps we should contemplate what it is that we are harvesting within ourselves each year.

Some questions we may want to ask ourselves may include the following.  Have we spent the year 
harvesting our love for one another? Have we spent our time harvesting peace for the planet? Have we harvested a new soul into the world, into 
our families and into our hearts with the celebration of a birth? Have we harvested new friendships?…new relationships…new learning? Have we embarked on any creative endeavors…bringing forth the message our soul longs to share?

What have we done with the year? Have we forgiven others, and made space for love? Have we allowed ourselves to shed old parts of who we were, while making space for a newer, truer self?  Have we been conscious in bringing forth a more evolved vision of ourself, and have we taken steps to refine that vision? love-2

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, take time to celebrate yourself and who you are! You have stepped closer to your ideal self, and this is a step-by-step process.  If you can say that you are further down the path than you were last year, then you are on the right track!

At times it may feel that your life is not as polished as you might like it to be….this is okay.  If you are conscious of your intention to grow and to evolve…that is all that matters.  So, this Thanksgiving, bring to mind all that you have harvested within your heart.  Listen to the whispers of your soul, and when you say your prayer of thanks, bring to mind all of life’s blessings…for small seeds today shall turn into next year’s harvest!

Happy Thanksgiving!


                                                                                                     Deep Peace & Abundant blessings!